Distance tips :

Since we do not have to win or anything, we do not have to go fast.

As soon as it is possible to race Daytona Speedway or Indianapolis speedway we can use the 'autorace'. Autorace means actually press start, put the phone down, and come back about ten minutes later and see you have finished. It requires some special settings tho.

1. The controller setting : best so far is buttons (far most on the right) 2. The assist settings : best so far SA : high; BA : high, TC off

daytona 4 lapper in an unserviced porsche 1972 is about 7 minutes

Overtaking / Autocross / Elimination tips :

We want very slow opponents, and no IRA-personnel

step 1. slow the bots - lose elimination (but do not stay at the starting line) - lose dragrace (stay in gear one) - lose autocross

I often mix, for the overtaking chall i did 5x eli, then 5x drag, then 5x eli

step 2. no IRA

- sign out of all social media - start your race - as soon as the 3 lights appear (first red), hit the pause button bottom left we have settings again. choose login (i use G+) wait a few sec - press resume and immediately pause again.. you should see a message about raceteams

now yo are good to go...but... always check the first time. nobody knows what FM does each (minor) update