Elimination challenges are fairly straight forward. Winning an elimination event counts as 1 "point" to the team total. Some things to consider for strategy:

  1. The car doesn't matter. The track doesn't matter. Elimination events take 2 minutes and 20 seconds to complete. 20 seconds per car, 7 cars eliminated. It takes 2 minutes 20 seconds to run the event whether you're running the Nissan LMP1 car at LeMans or the Nissan Silvia at Brands Hatch.
  2. Find an event that you have not yet won. This will allow you to do extensive bot management. You can start the event with an unserviced car, win it, then run it over and over again, winning with an unserviced car. If you run an event that you have already won, you will be running against team members and the best times. Much like the Autocross challenge, it will become nearly impossible to win this challenge with an unserviced car. Find several events that you have not yet won.

A few places to go to makes runs for the September 7/8 challenge:

German Grand Tour: 1.1 Monza (Short), 13.2 Nurburgring (M) 21.2 Porsche (Dynamic)

Ferrari Heritage Hustle: 2.3 Spa

The Legend Continues: 12.1 Silverstone (International)

GT1 Grand Tour: 5.3 Spa, 7.1 Brands Hatch

Endurance Kings: 1.1 LeMans, 16.1 LeMans

Endurance Champions: 16.3 Hockenheimring (Short), 20.1 Nurburgring (Short),

Enzo Ferrari Triumph: 2.1 Spa

High Tech Legends: 1.3 Catalunya (National), 5.3 Porsche (Short), 11.2 Catalunya (Club)

Italian Prime: 9.2 Catalunya (Club), 13.2 Silverstone (National), 19.1 Porsche (Dynamic)

That's just a start, of course. You can go wherever you want, but that might save a bit of hunting for some folks.