Possibly the most monotinous and boring of all team challenges, the Distance Challenge

In the Distance Challenge, the goal is to simply run the longest distance in 24/25 hours. Obviously, Daytona and Indianapolis are the fastest tracks, there is no competition. Both tracks can be run flat out the entire way around in most cars. However, here is a list of the tracks in order from fastest to slowest in the event that one of those tracks are not available or you simply get bored of turning circles and want to break it up. All of these list the primary Grand Prix circuit for each track, the smaller sub-circuits are not listed (with exception of the main road courses at Daytona and Indianapolis). Detailed methodology can be provided on request.

  1. Daytona
  2. Indianapolis
  3. Le Mans
  4. Monza
  5. Mount Panorama
  6. Daytona (Road)
  7. Spa-Francorchamps
  8. Dubai
  9. Silverstone
  10. Laguna Seca
  11. Suzuka
  12. Hockenheimring
  13. Catalunya
  14. Nurburgring
  15. Indianapolis (Road)
  16. Richmond
  17. Melbourne