Straight forward event where team members are required to win a given Autocross event to add to the team's tally.

How are we going to measure this...? My Idea is to go offline and take the time of an ingame bot, for example JKR. We also have to convert the legend to amateur (or vice versa). For example BHatch in Amateur might be 35, but in Legend..It might be 25, I'll gather some AutoX's.. pfew...kinda dramatic...depends on tons of things. guessed pro am would be like 10 percent faster then amateur... but even between series big big difference. So far...for british autocross (assuming british tracks) : Brands Hatch is fastest (payout on amateur PSC is 500 if i am not mistaken)

***Addition from John*** Keep in mind that repair times are much slower in the upper series. Meaning that it might get to the point where you can no longer win the Autocross event with an unserviced car, making it nearly useless. So, with that, the Focus with its 4 minute service time could be a great car to use. At least then you're always running a serviced car.***end addition***

**listing of fastest autocross events**