Bathurst Holden Special Event

Level 3.3 is a bit difficult. I was able to pass it with only R$ upgrades. You have 3 laps to get one lap in under 1:26. Once you get the lap in, the race is over. Without some serious upgrades, it's nearly impossible on the first lap since the rolling start is slower and the clock starts about 2 seconds prior to your reacing the start line. I had to run the race and force quit a number of times before getting it right. The braking zones are terrible. I felt like it almost had the braking of the Venom...only a far slower car.

From memory, on the second lap, start braking almost as soon as you pass the finish line to get into turn 1 and the infield section.

Once in there, the little weave section can be taken flat out. Braking for the first horseshoe turn needs to start roughly where the starting grid marks are on the pavement.

Then just roll the car through the turn. Coming out, the left-hand bend between the horseshoes can be taken flat-out.

The braking section for the second horseshoe starts just before the start of the set of cones on the right side of the track.

Loop it through the horseshoe, coasting and feathering as needed. 

Coming down the small straight, get back on the brakes around the gravel trap that's on the right side of the track to get through the sharp turn that takes you back up onto the speedway. 

From whenever you get on the gas through that turn, it's flat out on the banking and down the back straight. Down the back straight, you'll notice a set of billboards to your right, beyond the perimeter fencing of the track. Hit the brakes for the bus-stop just as you pass the last of the signs. 

I typically stay on the brakes until the first of the right handers in the bus-stop, then I pump the gas just a little bit, and I get back on the gas just before the second right hander and don't lift again until I hit the brakes past the S/F line going back into turn 1.