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• 9/13/2016

Result of event 16, overtakes, 43rd, 46g each

Screenshot 2016-09-13-10-35-57 row
Screenshot 2016-09-13-11-07-35 row
Screenshot 2016-09-13-11-07-42 row
Screenshot 2016-09-13-11-07-48 row
Screenshot 2016-09-13-11-07-54 row
Screenshot 2016-09-13-10-09-13 row

2,500 overtakes also earned 40g.. For future team split consideration..

Screenshot 2016-09-13-10-49-55 row
Screenshot 2016-09-13-10-50-16 row
Screenshot 2016-09-13-10-50-45 row
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• 9/13/2016

Team of 3, GH, Tank and TK (tho he was at work mostly also?!) could have easily pulled of 240g with their efforts and netted 80g each.. Perhaps not the greatest over all reward, but still to be considered for the gold needy team members..

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