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• 9/7/2016

Result of team event 14, speed challenge, 218th, 2g

While i still remember what one tries to forget..

The call went out again for the team to assemble for a speed event, which raised a napalm singed eyebrow or two, and to be frank some hopes that perhaps this time things could be different in the usual prescribed onslaught.. The troops werent exactly whistling Dixie as we marched to the opener, and any smiles quickly faded unattached, as the Spa hill again unfolded in sight.. Monkey's have pretty much proven now that the missing link between ape and human intelligence is indeed a bridge too far..

Early briefings were not pretty, almost in concert all were strung out and in bad shape from the Jag challenge, stunned by a 2nd speed event in a row, and with the spit in the face crumbs offered for prizes.. Even the ever morale searching Elp was lost for words, only the pity of his eyes conveyed some balm:)

But we did what ugly things needed to be done out there, IRA team is like that.. Toll was heavy.. One private was overheard exasperate "this is driving me mental" as her engine roared back up the hill, and the platoon exchanged only a cursory glances, no one actually spoke as we all knew the sentiment, tho few did wonder how much of this condition was there even before the private enlisted in IRA:) Mike C was disgusted by his struggling gears but still pushed his T34 tank to the max..

Tragically, partisan Jo B was caugh out behind enemy lines in Japan, still sending back intel of the Suzuka track, but that was the best he could muster before the Jag was cruelly wrestled from his hands and the firing of the team's sharpshooter fell silent.. Lez was KIA, with his run not even registering, such brutality unseen yet..

There were positives,... Larry, NS and TY all registering very impressive results which saw lucrative offers fumbly proposed out of the passing elite commando brigades, always searching for new talent:) Sapper TK produced more than a respectable turn out on that hill, with flamboyant Ian even leaving some ammo upgrades on the table and still making heads turn, as Fabio's hairdo did once:) The mute Whatsup chimmed in with a great run also..

Never were we in contention for top 100, and aint no shame in that.. We can play in the sandpit as dictated, but as per the previously stated policy, speed things are not as yet a going concern..

Still waiting on a full medical report re Jo H, but congrats to anyone making it thru with no major mental scars, dusted off and ready to take place in the next team challenge line up.. As it seems now, in hindsight not everyone did make it out of them killing fields:(
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• 9/9/2016

Seems you'd already made your mind up about me at this point, not a single mention in this report. Odd, as I was extremely busy that evening, I was out to dinner with a client, and yet still found time to contribute on the team wall and set the ninth fastest time.

Odd that you should choose to kick me from the team when I had plenty of time to contribute last night and would easily have added another 100 points to your total. I guess as that would only have moved you up into 36th place you didn't see the value.

So much for having a fun team that isn't driven just by gold. Even stranger that you haven't replaced me in the team yet and that will only mean you suffer in future challenges with two players down. Your logic really does escape me. 

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