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• 9/5/2016

Time trial for John in Lotus

You should aim to gain around 1sec better than your current ghost before the main straight.. My ghost will be that faster, but i slow down on the straight so you will catch up and see my line into 1st chicane..

PS: in pics 2 and 3 it shoukd be the "right hander", my dislexia playing up:)

Also, no lifting onto the main straight, full speed..
Screenshot 2016-09-05-14-28-21 row

When i see my car is "parallel" to the curb i hit the brakes..

Screenshot 2016-09-05-14-28-51 row

Around here im on gas, and fully on gas into next left hander..

Screenshot 2016-09-05-14-28-58 row

Hug the inside of the left hander, full speed no lift, and you should take the corner ok.. U can feather a tad if having troubles, no brakes tho..

Screenshot 2016-09-05-14-29-20 row

Around here i hit brakes and go left to hug the inside..

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• 9/5/2016
Screenshot 2016-09-05-14-30-03 row

Point where i hit the brakes.. I think its the 3rd sign down.. Stay left, then while on brakes dive right into the corner, then sharp left to be close to barrier..

Screenshot 2016-09-05-14-31-01 row

Around this point i hit the gas.. Hug this barrier tight..

1st chicane..
• 9/5/2016
Screenshot 2016-09-05-14-31-46 row

Enlarge this pic.. When i see im this close to the white strip in the grass, i brake..

2nd chicane.. Forgot to take a pic of my acceleration point, but it should be before the apex of the corner, as you are huging that to the right inside..
• 9/5/2016
Screenshot 2016-09-05-14-32-25 row

As im passing this 50 marker i hit brakes, then get onto the 3rd long straight..

Screenshot 2016-09-05-14-33-00 row

As my car is about to hit the "white strip/curb thing", i brake.. Make sure u are not touching any grass, else u might skid and extend braking distance..

Screenshot 2016-09-05-14-33-28 row

Around where this crane shadow is i brake..

• 9/5/2016
Screenshot 2016-09-05-14-33-53 row

No brake, just a mild lift so you can take this right hander fast..

Screenshot 2016-09-05-14-34-25 row

Hit the brake mildly here, and get onto the deep right (inside)..Till this point it was full speed of course, no lifts..

Screenshot 2016-09-05-14-34-47 row

I brake as im coming up to the curb..

Screenshot 2016-09-05-14-34-57 row

Final chican is pretty generous with off track, this point and the next 'corner' also..

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