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• 9/3/2016

Day 5 recollections jag e type event, my PR56.2

5.1 was a tough one as i pushed very hard, and off track lots.. Could hardly be in 1st at the start of final lap (3 short laps)

But there is a silver lining.. Most likely the bot behind you will slow drastically as you both pass the backmarker, try and line it up so that the 2nd place bot is in line with the backmarker..

Quite hard anyways, as you cant go off track all day:( Took me at least 5 cloud restores.. 

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• 9/3/2016

5.2 was relatively easy, i think elimination with 109mph limit..

Trick to remember here is in "unknown corners", where u didnt have a chance to test braking points and distance, use the bot in front of you to crash into and slow you down more.. With bit of luck they will also go wide and you go thru..
Screenshot 2016-09-04-01-15-40 row

No idea where the braking point is..

Screenshot 2016-09-04-01-16-05 row

So i line up directly behind, and when i see brakes on, i brake.. Which is too late, so bot gets one from behind

Screenshot 2016-09-04-01-16-12 row

Momentum of the shove takes him bit deeper and i cut in on inside..

• 9/3/2016

5.3 is very hard, as you have to skid for 14secs.. My plan was to get to front, then skid and hold them.. Zoe did get in front of me, and really it looked lost.. I was gaining on the last straight, but not fast enough.. So i aimed my car directly at and across hers, and she blinked!!? She slowed just enough for me to somehow win without off track..

Screenshot 2016-09-04-01-37-20 row

I took the inside, trying to get to 1rst fast..

Screenshot 2016-09-04-01-37-26 row

I will overspeed a bit, to swing to the outside, using the black bot to bounce off..

Screenshot 2016-09-04-01-37-36 row

I will colide with white bot as i take the inside.. With bit of luck a damaged bit will be slower..

Screenshot 2016-09-04-01-37-58 row

Track is wide here, so overspeed a tad and start the slide by jerking the car a tad..

Screenshot 2016-09-04-01-38-05 row

And here she goes.. I got 3 to 4secs here, on and off the gas..

Screenshot 2016-09-04-01-38-35 row

You can also get 1sec here, its a slow corner..

Screenshot 2016-09-04-01-39-03 row

I made a mistake and let Zoe go by.. Almost retired here..

Screenshot 2016-09-04-01-40-01 row

Gaining but not fast enough.. So i started to "cut across from behind"

Screenshot 2016-09-04-01-40-52 row

And she slowed!?:) I went off track just as i passes the finish line.. Very lucky..

• 9/3/2016
5.4 a breeze
Screenshot 2016-09-04-01-45-20 row
• 9/3/2016
5.5 win without overheating.. No real worry the temp, just do some fast lifting of the gas even in corners.. I was one bar in red, so bit more harder..
Screenshot 2016-09-04-02-19-17 row

Probably around the time you will need to drive..

Screenshot 2016-09-04-02-19-37 row

Hit the brake when white line comes in view, then "slalom" thru first few cars.. Top 4 should be in sight after that..

Screenshot 2016-09-04-02-20-21 row

2nd vital braking point, as my car is about to pass that shadow on the curb just ahead (enlarge the pic)

Screenshot 2016-09-04-02-21-13 row

Last chicane.. Dont be afraid to 'pinball', by overspeeding and bouncing off the bot..

Screenshot 2016-09-04-02-21-21 row

And boom.. Bot bounces out, and you bounce in.. If bot wasnt there i'd be flying off track..

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