Speed challenge anomaly?

While this is still fresh in my mind.. 

Yesterday my first late run at Spa was 347.4kmh result (with the little pop out window that happens in teamers)

But then i was surprised to get this official result (see pic), much lower speed..

Now, is that some kind of a "speed boost" because attempt is on a speed record event, or are the last missing kms not officially counted, as they are off track? 

Perhaps worth noting to do the speed challenge on a speed record Spa if possible..

Might be something but most likely nothing.. Any of you observed similar speed anomaly in your runs?

Screenshot 2016-08-31-07-23-02 com.ea.games.r3 row
(Also, good luck to anyone that hasnt as yet completed the series where we do team speed challenges, Monkeys seem to include the backward speed also!?)