Result of event 13... Speed challenge, 146th, 27g each

With the verve only comparable to his dental appointments, Elp got up grumpy for the Spa backwards.. Event long underway as the toes started wearily peaking out from under the sheets,... senses sharply tunned in to the distant hurrrrraaaas as the troops were storming the Spa hill, and stray bullets whistled alarmingly close but past his tent,... no wonder Elp was stroppy, in all this sudden melee he couldn't find his slippers!:)

Posting a quick time, Elp noticed that no member, be it of a senior rank or just an up and comer, has posted anything helpful about the best approach to tackle the Spa, as to avoid pitfalls and minefields that litter the bloodied hill.. The tobacco he chewed a second earlier now layed splattered on his shoes as he failed to pull off a discontent but cool John Wayne:) He sent out a quick FB post to remind all that initiative aint no dirty word in this team, and we all got to pull together, to which TY and TK responded with valour by filming their heroics on that darned hill:) 

Not one to normally leave his troops bleeding in the trenches, Elp did trottle off on his white horse to command headquarters at LeMans, where he was summoned for a pre arranged ceremony.. Accoladed with 100% fame, his hand tired as he waved the adoring crowds on his rare 10 lapper:)

And so it was.. One by one the team made its way up, and suicided down the miracle Spa where thus resulting damage a decent mechanic could probably just buffer out,... and it soon become apparent that IRA will taste its first gold in his nauseating event.. Special mention must surely go to private Jo H, who could have virtually repaved the track by making many a repeated runs, all for the glory of the team.. Even Elp, inspired by such heroics made last few runs to better his time, and to not be thought of as a pompous 'throw-a-shrimp-on-a-barbie' type, despite the distain he feels of such a pointless war.. He did take a TV crew along to document tho, now and then checking that makeup and glare were up to scratch:) 

Well done team, great efforts on this challenge!!:) Please note, as of this event, for now no results of these speed challenges are to be included in TKs crafty tables..(As per FB post to follow)

Screenshot 2016-08-31-13-30-30 row
Screenshot 2016-08-31-16-15-49 row
Screenshot 2016-08-31-16-16-00 row
Screenshot 2016-08-31-16-16-08 row
Screenshot 2016-08-31-16-16-16 row
Screenshot 2016-08-31-16-16-45 row

Gap to 100th

Screenshot 2016-08-31-16-17-08 row

Gap to 200th..