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• 8/28/2016

Result of event 12.. Feel free to share your experiences

I will not bring over the previous results, they can easily be found here:

Then each new event i will post pics and maybe a rant in a new post, so please comment on your own experience/thoughts/ideas etc..

Event 12, distance grind, 70th

And so it was, the new menace of rr3 team racing again gathered to break a tooth or two on some extra gold:)

Having no illusions of grandeur, the pre event tension was naturally high as only top 100 received the coveted riches.. Captain Elcap put his best sapper on the job, tasking TK with clearing a path in the minefield that is rr3 top 100 and stat out a realistic battle plan..

With any stats you do have to tread carefully however.. Statistics are as bikinis.. What they reveal is interesting, but what they conceal is vital:) After TKs crunch and FB poll of ammunition to be spent, as well as other means only TK has in his dungen lab, the decision was made to open with a full frontal assault..

Jo H pre announced her absentia, talk of work commintments and all that.. I think the team knows that this private has simply seen too much, too fast.. Too many racers laying in her lap, hands still clinched around the tablets, gasping for last breaths.. It's more than tough, none of us are born to see such horrors.. She is more likely drowning her sorrows and trying to forget, on a street locals call "Vaclavak", in a small hidden European country:) 

Well, maybe only Larry was born tough.. In his military school he truly proved his steely mettle.. These were the old days still, when demeaning tasks were given light of day, and he was given a real "how tough are you?" challenge by those in command.. To go and take a cr*p on Arnold Schwarzeneggers front porch!? Thinking only of the immaturity of it all, begrudgingly Larry obliged.. He stunned the whole platton tho, when he rang the doorbell and asked Arnold for some paper!!:) Thats tough!!:)

Anyways, i digress in old memories..The real hero of this event is GH, whose team IRA classified intel provided the lynchpin and turning point in this challenge.. His chest now adorns a new set of medals for this act of inspiration, as well as his driving efforts.. Many a waisted life on the battlefield was saved by this humble man..

Ian again topped the list with a bewildering effort which bamboozled even Elcap who gave it his best shot to match the new comer.. Elcap sank to his knees defeated, falling peacefully asleep in this unorthodox position:) It's not personal glories we seek, he knew team did enough for a top 100 spot..

Tank was uncompromising again, as were lot of top to middle table efforts..Very pleasing.. Bottom part will come under scrutiny latter, as golly gosh, now i got to stop this fanciful blabbering and get ready for work:( Ash did report he wont be able to contribute on the battlefield, and at this stage i have not sone a full post mortem investigation..

Sorry to leave it incomplete, might edit latter.. Got to run:(
Screenshot 2016-08-25-15-19-47 row

Plus i think 3g for early rewards..

Screenshot 2016-08-25-15-25-28 row
Screenshot 2016-08-25-15-25-49 row
Screenshot 2016-08-25-15-25-59 row
Screenshot 2016-08-25-15-26-07 row
Screenshot 2016-08-25-15-26-14 row
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• 8/28/2016
Also still have these 2 pics, which i think show the early greyhounds making a fast dash.. Didn't take a pic of IRA position tho, i think 50s or 60s..
Screenshot 2016-08-24-13-32-35 row
Screenshot 2016-08-24-13-32-42 row
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