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Went to cruise the Indy endurance, been a while..

Even pre spent my free $ manager before seeing the targets... Bit optimistic?:)

Wonder if Whatsups distance is pre Daytona or post.. 
Screenshot 2016-08-28-07-05-30 row
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So i quit rr3 to restart it, came here to post, then went to try again, hoping to get a cosy 100kms top target.. Im starting to dislike this team:) Especially the last two member additions, who invited them fun spoilers anyways right?:)

Going in for 3rd and final time, i dont care if the target is 10,000kms - i wanna use up the 180% $ bonus today, manager or not..
Screenshot 2016-08-28-07-15-27 row

Watsup's profile pic really cracks me up though when I came close to overtaking him.

I've given up on 1st place everytime i run this race, just not achievable now. But the reward difference is not that much if you finished in 1st, 2nd or 4th.


Ok, I take back my words. 120 km and still only 4th, hurts the rewards pretty bad.

Next time, I'm gonna log out of everything :)

Real Racing 3 2016-08-28-08-24-06

You don't have to log out, just disconnect from internet. That will reset much of it.

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