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• 8/27/2016

Ok, using cloud assists to upgrade etc.. My experiences..

I have never had a problem by using cloud to race fully upgraded in WTTT, then restoring once i set times.. I would however never try to also 'cloud buy a car' i dont have as this i can see Monkeys frowning on this.. As i have all cars, i don't face these issues..

I have however received a warning one time during a team event, when i fully upgraded on my tablet to experiment in a speed event i think, but i was also reading the team wall on my backup iphone.. The rr3 message, on the iphone, read something like "conflict between devices" and one time trial was reset.. It also mentioned about this being a "warning"..

So, in team events, or even if doing WTTT, do not use two devices if using cloud assists.. Rule number one..

In teams, do not restore back till event closes, i would recommend, but TK reckons its ok to restore during the event still BUT not racing with that car again! 

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• 8/28/2016

An update with pictures for how to do this, in case anyone does not know how. For what it's worth, I've used cloud save and restore for a number of things. Every top speed challenge that I've done while part of a race team, I use cloud assist. I also use cloud assist with the WTTT, going so far as to coud assist in renting cars. The strong concensus is that only Group A guys are getting looked at for doing cloud assisted rentals on cars. I did it last week, got my Group C reward (which I promptly lost due to idiocy) with no trouble. What I will say though is that for the time being, I won't be raising any trouble tickets unless it's something huge just to keep them from prying around my stuff. Now, pictures.

To cloud save, go to the main screen.

IMG 1460

To cloud save, start from the main screen.

IMG 1461

Click the symbol in the bottom left corner that looks like a gear wheel, then click the symbol that looks like a disk/save icon inside a cloud.

IMG 1462

Now you're here. Tells you how long its been since you last saved and gives you the two options. To save, click "Backup To Cloud."

IMG 1463

This is the screen you will see after the save is successful.

IMG 1464

After playing for any period of time, you want to restore to the previous edition, repeat the process to return here, note that it says, again how long its been since the last save and completion percentage, then click Restore To Device.

IMG 7157

If the cloud restore was successful, you will see this screen.

• 8/29/2016

One word of warning, sometimes cloud save doesn't work. Once you have done a cloud save (This is the screen you will see after the save is successful.), then it is worth going back into the cloud save screen and just checking it says "A few moments ago" rather than "Just now". The "Just now" message is bad programming, it doesn't actually check the save was successful. 

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